Q: Where can I purchase a print?

A: Currently all my limited edition prints are sold exclusively through the Hero Complex Gallery in Los Angeles

Q: If I mail you my purchased art, will you sign it?

A: Due to the sensitivity of shipping prints and the likelihood of shipments getting damaged I do not accept mailed prints for signing.  

Q: Do you ever attend any cons or conventions?

A: This is probably the one question I get asked the most but unfortunately due to my busy teaching schedule and print edition/studio deadlines I rarely have time to make it out of my studio. 

Q: Do you take private commissions? 

A: While I always appreciate the interest I currently do not take private commissions from individuals or collector groups.

Q: I have an incredible, mind-bending, one-of-a-kind project I'm currently working on that has already received a lot of great press. While I currently have no budget for promotional material
I'm a huge fan of your work and would love to have you create some original art for my project. You'll get a lot of great exposure. Would you be interested?

A: No.